Lime is a natural and living product. It is non toxic and has been shown to posses numerous qualities. Moreover, it is a good insulator (heat and noise) and combat humidity.

We recommand the use of Limewash in case of allergies, pulmon problems or asthma.

Lime is ecological and environment friendly because during carbonation it captures the Co2 present in the atmosphere, at a ratio of 40% of it mass. (10sq-ft/1m2 = 1.5kg/3.30lb of non hydraulice lime = 600g/1.32lb less Co2 in the atmosphere)

Lime paint or  limewash paint is a natural and eco-friendly paint for indoor and outdoor useLime paint or limewash paint  is a very decorative finish giving an aged patina appearance with a velvet matt finish and a very lightly brushed texture, typical of the old-fashioned limewashesLime paint or limewash paint is suitable for indoor decoration (halls, staircases, living rooms, bedrooms …) as well as building facades . Lime paint or lime wash paint is particularly recommended for historical buildings, in any town center renovation ventures as well as for an improved aesthetic integration of new buildings into existing environments.