1375860_10202282058756962_730985907_nSophie Cazaux – Artist – CEO

Born and raised in the South of France, reverence and passion for the art of luxury décor and fashion came to Sophie at a very early age. Her professional career began in high-profile retail, working at Autour Du Monde – Bensimon’s Concept Boutique in St-Tropez.

It was in her retail days in France, Canada and California that Sophie developed an eye and ardor for world inspired clothing and decoration objects. At luxury leather good leader, Rugby North America-/M0851, in Canada, Sophie became the French Market Coordinator and followed by obtaining French exclusivity rights. Delving into the world of architecture, she designed and oversaw the opening of Rugby-North America’s first French boutique, in St-Tropez. Years later, as Buyer and Manager of Stephane Kelian Beverly Hills, Sophie revisited architectural design and construction management. When it came time for the Beverly Hills boutique to receive a face-lift, Sophie volunteered her services. Full circle, Sophie realized and melded the beauty of lines, adornments and fashion.

This complete immersion into the architectural world ignited imagery and a word tied to that imagery from her youth. This word was “Tadelakt”. It was an image she only saw once, applied on a house in the South of France. In 2006, Sophie traveled to Marrakech, Morocco to learn the ancestral technique of Tadelakt. Partnering with France’s leader in ancient lime based paints and plasters; Sophie brought the company’s earth conscious products and Tadelakt technique to the Los Angeles area.

As of today Sophie’s specialized expertise is established in natural products for decoration and construction. Recently, she has added an area to her business that provides all services of design and color consultation. The launch of her online Boutique is a culmination of her passion for interior design, interior décor and natural alternative products.

Our Company Mission: Terre du Monde DECOR Los Angeles creates unique interiors and exteriors finishes. For decoration, construction and historical renovation. Our company provides the highest quality in, ecological paint, Lime paint and Lime plaster products, pigments, metal finishes, tools and application services.

Our Techniques: Based on ancestral recipe and application process we guaranty an exquisite result.

Our Products: Terre du Monde products are giving the best results for structures of all kind, meeting today’s demanding building concerns with over 1000 years of proven performances. The use of lime products creates a breathable skin, durable, energy, efficient, promoting a healthy living environment.

Contact Us From construction to decoration or remodeling, we work with you, helping you find the right material for your project.

Contact us for technical support or to find qualified artisan and applicators near you.


Isabelle Leroux, Presidente Alliance Francaise: It was our first collaboration with Sophie Cazaux from the company TERRE DU MONDE DECOR Los Angeles. She worked with us on the entire remodeling of our office. It was quite challenging to design the space as we have different activities: administration, school and cultural center. At the same time, the goal was to create an identity for the Alliance Francaise through a panel of colors. The result is very successful and I will definitely recommend her!