MATDECO is an indoor paint, eco-friendly with mineral decorative “matt” finish.Solvent free. This water-based paint is easy to apply on various types of surface. It covers well and is economic to use. MATDECOis an elegant, smooth and opaque finish. Ideal for renovation works, offering a high protection level. Available in white to be colored using compatible natural pigments or dyes.

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Designed to achieve inner and outer patina, DECO- GLAZE known as VELATURA is a transparent binder that can be applied to an acrylic or lime surface, another glaze layer or even to make a false Fresco. Light, passing through the glaze, while being modified by it reveals the background painting. This technique has been widely used by the greatest painters of the Renaissance to the nineteenth century. For interesting effects, it is possible to overlay layers, letting it dry between each coat.

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SAHARA PAINT characterized in 4 forms: The SAHARA says “natural” non-reflective, SAHARA gold with gold reflections, SAHARA silver shimmering silver and finally SAHARA lines 2014! It is a mineral decorative paint sanded in aqueous phase.

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METAL-DECO is a decorative metallic paint for indoors and outdoors decoration. METAL-DECO metallic paint is in powder form. Once mixed with water it is applied and forms a real metal finish, free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) on any type of surface (wood, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, cloth etc…). METAL-DECO metallic paint is easy to use and will produce decorative metal finish on walls or furniture. METAL-DECO metallic paint enables you to create a variety of metal finish depending on the tool you use to apply it (spatula, brush, spraying etc.) METAL-DECO metallic paint is available in zinc, iron, bronze, copper, pewter or brass finishes.
The METAL-DECO metallic paint powders can be mixed together and superimposed over each other (except for the METAL metallic paint ZINC powder finish).

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