MULTITOP resurfacer is an eco-friendly mineral mortar, combining cement and lime used for resurfacing both interior and exterior walls and floors. MULTITOP resurfacer is the ideal solution for jobs on small surfaces or repairing damaged areas: concrete resurfacing, filling cracks, redoing angle joints or edges. MULTITOP resurfacer can also be used to prepare various supports: concrete base, cement base, lightweight, breeze or concrete blocks, bricks or tiles.

MULTITOP resurfacer may be reinforced with our fibreglass mesh TRAMEX. This will provide optimum resistance to the appearance of cracks. MULTITOP resurfacer can also be applied as base coat to the wood, cork or polystyrene panels used for Exterior Wall Insulation.

MULTITOP resurfacer can be applied at 2 to 10mm thickness per coat.

MULTITOP resurfacer is available in white and it can be colored using compatible natural pigments or dyes.

Apparent density: approx. 1.3g/cm3.


White cement, non hydraulic lime, water-based glues, sand and fine powdered marble. Made from a selection of non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are eco and health friendly. Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals.


  • Excellent adherence to all types of support, even on tiles.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance.
  • High breathability.
  • Naturally anti-bacteria and anti mould.
  • Eco-friendly mineral surface covering.
  • Odourless, solvent free, no harmful emissions.

E.U. Classification

VOC compliant.


Surface preparation

Interior and exterior surfaces should be in conformity with the current standards in force. The surfaces should be homogeneously absorbent, sound, clean, dry, non-friable and free of salts, moisture and moulds.

Supports that are very absorbent or dusty must be given a primer coat of our IMPRESSION ACRYLIQUE acrylic primer or SOUS COUCHE POUR CHAUX EXTRA lime primer. In the case of irregular supports (with holes or large cracks), apply MULTITOP resurfacer as a filler before applying an overall coat to the entire surface.

For delicate supports or those likely to move slightly (e.g. tiles) we recommend two coats of MULTITOP resurfacer reinforced with our TRAMEX fibreglass mesh. On tiles, we also recommend to mix MULTITOP resurfacer with our RESINE POUR SOL-LIS acrylic activator for a better adhesion to the support.

For other surfaces, contact us for technical support.


Pour approx. 10 litres of water into a suitable recipient. Add the pigments (prevent the creation of any lumps. Filter the mixture using a fine sieve if necessary depending on the type of pigment used). Gradually pour the 30kg bag of MULTITOP resurfacer into the water, using a mixing tool to ensure a smooth, homogeneous and thick paste is obtained. The thickness can be altered by adding a little water if necessary. Leave the mixture for 15min. and mix well again immediately prior to use.

In the case of mixing with RESINE POUR SOL-LIS acrylic activator, pour approx. 4 litres of water into the recipient, add the pigments and add 5kg of RESINE POUR SOL-LIS acrylic activator. Then, gradually pour the 30kg bag of MULTITOP resurfacer using a mixing tool and add a little water if necessary.


Apply MULTITOP resurfacer with an ordinary trowel, plastering trowel or finishing trowel (by projection is feasible).

When the paste begins to harden, level off and bring out the grain using a sponge floated by dampening the support without the water streaming.

MULTITOP resurfacer can be applied both in thin coats of 2 to 3mm as well as in coats of up to 1cm. For coats of more than 1cm MULTITOP resurfacer must be applied in several coats. Each coat must be allowed to dry before applying a new one.

For a rapid, economical and attractive finish on difficult or irregular supports (e.g. painted mineral supports), mix MULTITOP resurfacer with our MINERAL 000 lime plaster (ratio 1/1). This will give a lime plaster finish which is both waterproof and highly adherent.

Using MULTITOP as a reinforced base coat using our TRAMEX fibreglass mesh

Apply an initial 3mm thick coat of MULTITOP resurfacer using a toothed finishing trowel vertically (3kg/m²). Insert the fibreglass or linen mesh into the covering paste in a downward movement, using a stainless steel trowel. Stretch it well eliminating any creases or bubbles. The mesh must remain at a constant distance from the insulation and close to the surface of this first coat. Ensure the strips overlap by 10cms. Leave to dry for 24hrs. Then apply a second 3mm. coat of MULTITOP resurfacer. Before this coat has dried out, level off and bring out the grain using a sponge floated by dampening the support without the water streaming. Finally, when this coat has dried out, apply the final compatible, decorative coat of your choice.

Drying time

24hr to 48hrs for a thickness of 2 to 3mm depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the ambient humidity.


Approx. 1kg/m²/mm of paste per coat, depending on the surface. Thus, for a thickness of 2 to 3mm. i.e. 2-3kg/m².

Practical advice

Clean all tools with water immediately after use.

Apply and store at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C (40°F or 85°F). Do not apply to hot or damp surfaces.

Each wall section should be finished the same day. All overlapping should be done in corners or door angles.

Protect the surrounding areas from splashes or clean with water immediately.

Health caution

Irritating to the eyes and skin. MULTITOP resurfacer contains cement and lime those are alkaline on contact with water. During mixing and application avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with fresh water and contact a specialist if any symptoms persist. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage advice

MULTITOP resurfacer will keep for one year in its original closed packaging. Protect from frost and humidity. The powder mixed must be used within 2 to 3 hrs of preparation. It will keep for several hours if it is covered with a thin layer of clean water. However, we recommend that you only prepare the quantity required.


MULTITOP resurfacer is conditioned in recyclable paper bags of 30kgs.

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