Mineral stone surface.

Strength and maintenance are equal to natural tile stone, with identical massive stone appearance.

Sheet dimensions in cm : 122 x 61, 251 x 61 , 210 x 105.


Can be curved and can adapt to any surfaces.

Easy to cut, using traditional tools.

Low weight (1.6 kg/m2) = Low transport cost.


We have a wide range of stone, texture and colors.


Is DECO-FLEXSTONE difficult?

The installation of DECO STONE is reachable to anyone who will respect the basic rules according to their drawing and cutting template.

  • Prepare and clean surfaces.
  • Do not rush the work to avoid mistakes.
  • Respect levels and good angles.


Installation: We recommend to use for adhesion: KRISMATIC (flexible cement with high resistance and sealant or PU adhesive sealant.


Upon request at the order


Maintenance is the same as for massive stone: We have developed, in collaboration with specialists, a hard bio-oil, which responds very well to the maintenance requirements of these mineral surfaces. Easy to apply, excellent results and longevity.


Originality: This concept is the fruit of long reflection and culmination of years of experience in stone business.

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