BETON-DECO polished concrete is a cement / lime-based compound that provides a polished concrete surface and can be applied at 2 to 3 mm thickness. When combined with RESINE FOR BETON-DECO acrylic activatorBETON-DECO  polished concrete gives a highly resistant and flexible, interior and exterior smooth finish. BETON-DECO polished concrete is burnished to obtain a polished concrete finish.
BETON-DECO polished concrete is suitable for Interior and Exterior walls and floors, bathrooms and kitchens (Italian style showers, bathtubs, countertop, sink, backsplash, credenzas,) staircases, living room, bedroom, furniture, etc.
BETON-DECO polished concrete is available in white and is colored using compatible natural pigments or dyes.


Cement, non hydraulic lime , acrylic resin, sand and fine powdered marble . Made from a selection of non toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are eco and health friendly . Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and heavy metals.


  • Excellent adherence to the support.
  • Highly shock and abrasion resistant.
  • High breathability.
  • Eco-friendly .
  • Odourless, solvent free, no harmful emissions.

E.U. Classification

E.U. Classification: VOC compliant.


Surface preparation

Surfaces should be in conformity with the current standards in force. The surfaces should be homogeneously absorbent, sound, clean, dry, nonfriable and free of salts, moisture and moulds. BETON-DECO polished concrete should be applied to a dry, regular and smoothed MULTITOP resurfacer or BETON-DECO first coat. On floor surfaces, do not smooth with a trowel but when dry, take off any edges left by the finishing trowel using a paint scraper .
The floor surfaces should have a dry, clean and regular cement screed because BETON-DECO polished concrete will be applied at 2 to 3 mm thickness.
Our MULTITOP resurfacer will need to be applied to over-irregular, tiled or water exposed surfaces. This is the most appropriate support available. Wait until the MULTITOP resurfacer has completely dried (1 day per mm of thickness), before applying BETON-DECO polished concrete (wait approx. 1 week for tiled surfaces).
Very smooth surfaces (plasterboard, smoothed concrete, painted surfaces will require a grain-based primer (use our SOUS COUCHE POUR CHAUX EXTRA lime primer).
For other surfaces, contact us for technical support.


Pour approx. 4 litres of water into a suitable recipient. Add the pigments (prevent the creation of any lumps. Filter the mixture using a fine sieve if necessary depending on the type of pigment used). Add 5kg of RESINE FOR BETON-DECO acrylic activator and mix well. Gradually pour the 30kg bag of BETON-DECO polished concrete into the resin-water-colour using a mixing tool to ensure a smooth, homogeneous and thick paste is obtained. The thickness can be altered by adding a little water if necessary so as to obtain a fluid paste. Leave the mixture for 15min and mix well again immediately prior to use.
Halve the quantity for a 15kg bucket of BETON-DECO polished concrete powder.


BETON-DECO polished concrete is normally applied in two coats a fresco (wet on wet) for a final minimum thickness of 3mm on floors and 2mm on walls using a plastic finishing trowel . The applicator’s technique is what determines the final effects so the applicator should perfect his finishing techniques to produce the desired surface.
Apply the first coat by creating an irregular band on the shortest side of the surface. Apply the second coat as soon as the coat begins to harden without covering this band completely. Burnish the second coat using a plastic finishing trowel . When the desired result is obtained, connect up the two bands with a wet band of paste and proceed in this way until the whole of the surface is covered.
For small surfaces, apply a first coat. As soon as BETON-DECO polished concrete has begun to harden, apply a second coat while it is still wet. Burnish to give this coat a shine as you go so as to obtain the desired effect.
Use steel or plastic finishing trowels rather than stainless steel trowel to avoid a darkening of the surface during polishing.
On floors, wear appropriate shoes, socks or cardboard to avoid walking on the wet coat. Do not walk barefoot as a drop of sweat may mark the surface when dry.
Once BETON-DECO polished concrete has dried superficially (approx. 24hrs), it can be sanded either by hand or by machine. Use a 80-100 grain for best effects.

Drying time

If due care is taken, BETON-DECO polished concrete can be walked on after 48 to 72 hours. Total hardness, and hence optimal resistance, when the product has dried to the core is obtained after roughly 30 days.
Precautions: on floors, during the first few days following application, place protective pads under furniture and wait at least 10 days before putting rugs back in their place. During the first 3 weeks, clean with a damp rag or mop, a soft brush and vacuum cleaner. After this period, common cleaning products can be used but avoid acidic or alkaline cleaning products.
We advise the use of Black Soap or Marseille Soap .


2 kg to 3 kg / m² for 2 coats, depending on the surface.


When BETON-DECO polished concrete has dried out thoroughly (after 48 to 72 hours), use the combination of CLOSE-PORE (1 coat) and our HYDRO MONO-COMPONENT or HYDRO BI-COMPONENT , (1 coat) for a natural matt look. And use our HYTOP oil and water repellent for a semi-gloss wax look.
Check the surfaces are totally waterproof before use. Contact us for technical support.

Practical advice

Clean all tools with water immediately after use.
Apply and store at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C (40°F or 85°F). Do not apply to hot or damp surfaces.
Each wall section should be finished the same day. All overlapping should be done in corners or door angles.
Protect the surrounding areas from splashes or clean with water immediately.

Health caution

Irritating to the eyes and skin. BETON-DECO polished concrete contains cement and is alkaline on contact with water. During mixing and application avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with fresh water and contact a specialist any symptoms persist. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage advice

BETON-DECO polished concrete and RESINE FOR BETON-DECO acrylic activator will keep for one year in its original closed packaging. Protect from frost, humidity and high temperatures.


BETON-DECO polished concrete is conditioned in recyclable paper bags of 30kgs. Buckets of 15kgs are also available.
RESINE FOR BETON-DECO acrylic activator is conditioned in buckets of 5kg or 2.5kg.

The information contained in this sheet are the expression of our knowledge and of test results. They can in no case be regarded as bringing a guarantee, or engaging our responsibility in the event of defective application. We recommend making a sample.

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