Digital Frescos on lime plaster

Our printing technology combined with the skills of frescoers allows the creation of the most imaginative decors and more.

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Product Description

Digital Frescos on lime plaster

Our printing technology combined with the skills of fresco, allows the creation of the most imaginative decors and more…

For homeowners, interior designers, architects, entertainment industry and local communities.


FRESKING LAB has brought together all it skills in innovative artistic techniques to introduce yet another decorative product. It is the result of a patent that has re-created tradional fresco techniques: FRESKING TRADITION and FRESKING TECHNIQUE plates and sheet are multi-purpose and adaptable products. The exceptionally high quality of FRESKING is the result of a long experience in the use of lime-based coverings as well as an extremely skilled use of digital processing of patterns.

This new patented process enable us to dye plates or sheets to the core that have been prepared with a micro-concrete film, by using the effects of carbonation.

Lime is a natural and living product. It is non toxic and has been shown to posses numerous qualities.

Moreover, it is a good insulator (heat and noise) and combas humidity.

Lime is ecological and environment friendly because during carbonation it captures the Co2 present in the atmosphere, at a ratio of 40% of it mass. ( 10sq-ft/1m2 = 1.5kg/3.30lb of non hydraulice lime = 600g/1.32lb less Co2 in the atmosphere)



FRESKING LAB plates and sheets enable us to produce frescoes that are totally compatible with current construction requirements. FRESKING LAB products are very light, they can be adapted to any specific context and are very easy to apply.



Digital printing “a fresco” acts in the same way as a tattoo on matter. The colour is directly blended into the very heart of the plaster. The mineral fixing of the colour (carbonation) ensures FRESKING LAB plates and sheets the ersisrance and the texture of frescos. FRESKING TECHNIQUES can be freely used indooors and outdoors. FRESKING TRADITION as all the advantages of a unique mineral texture as well as those of lime based materials.



FRESKING blends in with all coverings making it suitable for all walls.



These new digital printing technologies, combined with the skills of Freskers now mean that even the most imaginative of decors can become reality. A revolution in the making serving Artistic Decoration. A concrete finish that is able to breath enable us to create decors that are totally suited to any environement.

FRESKING LAB can create any fresco you desire, either from ou catalogue of designs or based on your own pictures and creation.



The word fresco comes from the Italian “a fresco” which means “painting on a fresh damp wall covering”. When the work is carried out, the artist paints on the covering layer that is still damp. The lime acts as a medium capturing the pigments. Upon drying , a process of carbonation appears in the “intonaco” (covering). This bestows an extremly resistant layer of paint on the surface, considerably lenghtening the life of the painting or image. Carbonation takes place quite naturally in the open air.


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